UA HOVR Infinite

Under Armour

Development Video

We told the story behind the making of the UA HOVR Infinite in 3 micro chapters, multiple short social clips, and one full long-form story. Here is the long-form video.

15 Second Spotify Ads

Runner’s World Print Ad

Before the launch of our shoe, we gave runners’ a taste of what was coming with a teaser print ad placed in Runner’s World magazine, as well as through a wheat paste campaign plastered across NYC during the TCS NYC Marathon.

#Match2018 Social

Bozzuto manages many communities near hospitals and medical centers, that's why this year on #MatchDay—when med students match with their residency hospital—we celebrated their extraordinary work and curated a list of nearby communities to help them find their next new home fast.

Bozzuto Buzz

As editor-in-chief of the Bozzuto Buzz, a quarterly employee and B2B publication, I lead a team of non-writers in planning and developing content. From brainstorming to art directing to coordinating with printers, here are a few of the publications I've had the opportunity to research, write, and edit. 

Brand Narrative & Swag